Smart home tech

Gadgets are getting smarter and as they do more and more of them are being introduced into the home to make your living experience better than ever. Why not try some of the great gadgets listed below to improve the effectivity of your home and help personalise it to just the way you want it?

Smart bulbs hue

When it comes to decoration of your home, you spend hours choosing a colour scheme and just the right fabrics to create the perfect ensemble. So why skimp on the way you light it? Philips smart bulbs called ‘hue’ allow you to control the temperature of your lights, so whether you want bright white or a warmer yellow they can be changed in a heartbeat. For the more adventurous they can also be changed to more vibrant colours, with countless colours and shades to choose from you could spend hours simply picking a colour you love the most, only to find another minutes later. These lights can be purchased for main lights, lamps and even in light strips so you can light your home however you want to. All of these can be controlled by a mobile app that not only changes the colour, but allows you to turn them on and off without having to move. With a few extra add ons you can also get features such as motion sense, which is helpful if you are guilty of always forgetting to turn your lights off when you leave a room.

Security camera

If you're concerned about the safety of your home while you're away then the Nest security camera may be just the thing you are looking for. It plugs directly into to wall so you don't have to worry about it running out of battery and loosing film. This handy camera films 24/7 and backs up a certain amount of film for you to look back on at any time. Even better, you will receive alerts straight to your mobile when it senses unusual activity, such as movement of a person in your home or a loud noise that could signal some kind of danger. With each notification you will also be send a screenshot photo of what your camera is seeing so you know whether there is cause for worry or your mum has dropped by. Not only does it keep your home safe visually, it also wirelessly connects with your other nest home products for even tighter security.

Pet camera

Absolutely adore your pet and hate leaving them alone in the house all day? Then look no further than Furbo. Furbo is essentially a pet camera that allows you to keep an eye on your best companion whilst they are home all day to make sure they stay out of trouble, but it has more features that make it irresistible. This camera which is aimed at dogs, not only lets you watch your pet live in your home, it also allows you to interact with them anytime you wish. Using its two way camera you can speak to your furry friend to let them know you're thinking of them and hear them bark back to you, or even attempt to calm them down when Furbo sends you one of its handy notifications telling you your dog is barking and may be in distress. The camera has good quality in all lights, including nighttime so you'll never loose sight of your pet. The best part is, if they are behaving and you would like to reward them from wherever you are, a handy button on your mobile app tells the Furbo to toss them a delicious treat.

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