Office desk ideas to liven up your workplace

Sitting in front of the same desk every day can get tiresome, especially if you are a person who likes frequent change or to watch the world go by through a nearby window. If you don't have the luxury of a view to the outside world, try creating a desk space for yourself with a bit of difference with these great ideas.

Multi-functional desks

If your boss doesn't mind you having a little input into changing your actual office desk, it may be worth trying to change it completely before you try change the items upon it. A converting desk that rises and falls is a great idea for those who like to switch between sitting and standing frequently and allows for a complete posture change when work gets a little slow. Plus, it would be perfectly adjustable and suited to you.

Colourful accessories

Whether you keep or change your desk, simply having a little colour in your work space can brighten your day. Instead of the usual black or grey office items, try switching yours out for brighter alternatives. Choose your favourite colour and see it every day, if you feel like really making a change try a colour theme and replace everything you are able to. Think of your office supplies as decoration.

Magnetic holders

Work with a lot of loose paper and are forever losing your paperclips and pins to your memo board? Add a little humour and decoration to your desk with a magnetic ornament. They are created solely for the purpose of holding your small loose metal items and can be purchased in any shape you want, whether you like cats or boats you're sure to find one you'll love.

Creative post it notes

Try getting a little more creative with your memos. Instead of writing them in a notepad at the side of your desk, collect some colourful post it notes. Stick them anywhere you will remember them for a splash of colour that is also incredibly helpful at keeping you up to speed on deadlines and any other information you may need to refer to. Try different shapes and even venture to a place mat for your drink that acts as a wipe board for you to write quick notes on and rub off when done with.

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