Halloween cosmetics

Buying an outfit for Halloween can become expensive very quickly, and if you’re invited somewhere for the occasion last minute it can be near impossible to find the cash for everything so suddenly. If you find yourself a little strapped for cash this Halloween, try creating a costume with things you may have lying around the house using some cheaply found cosmetics to make it fit the scary theme.


A favourite for Halloween is a skull or skeleton costume. If you can't afford to create the whole costume, try simply committing your face paint to the theme. First, find a design that you like, it is likely that this will only require you to purchase or find some face paint in white and black, so it will be an incredibly cheap idea to fulfil. Once you have your face paint you simply need to utilise your drawing / makeup technique and paint your face. Whether you choose to do half a face or full face of skill makeup it will look great with either your favourite outfit or with some dark clothes featuring some home painted bones.

Unicorn / Mermaid

If you’re after a more feminine look then a mermaid or a unicorn is the perfect answer to your Halloween worries, it doesn't need to be expensive either! All you will need is a pair of fishnet tights and your favourite shades of shimmery / glittery eye shadow whether they may be blue, purple, green or all of them! Find out some small gems for decoration if you have suitable adhesive and start your look. Simply put the tights over your face and paint over them with your eye shadow, when taken off the tights should leave a cross pattern of negative space that resembles scales. Add on the jewels and pair with your favourite shiny outfit.


Tempted by the mermaid idea but really want to do something a little scarier? Then look no further than a vampire costume! They are scary and when done right incredibly elegant. All you will need is some black and white face paint or makeup, with a little purple and red for a more detailed option and some fake blood. First, make your face look drawn and pale with the white makeup and add in some dark circles around your eyes with the black, adding in some red and purple for a bruised or more deathly look. Finer details like veins can be added in a faded black and a small dribble of fake blood around your mouth will make the outfit. Pair with some smart clothing or even just a cape.


If you love dressing up for Halloween but really cannot get on board with its spooky theme then a cute animal costume may be the one for you. First choose the animal you would like to be, leopards and deer are a great example and a common choice. Find some makeup or face paint in the colours you will need, for example a deer would be likely to need browns, oranges, black and white. There are many tutorials to be found online, so don't worry if you’re not sure how to pull off your ideal look. The great thing about this idea is that you can pair it with your normal eye makeup and even with your normal clothes, just simply add an accessory such as ears, a pair of antlers and even a tail.

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