Great value watches

Why settle for anything less that quality when shopping for a watch. They are practical accessories that look great with any kind of attire, whether you're on your way to work or doing things around the house. You can never have too many and being without one can sometimes leave you feeling a little bare. So if you're looking for a quality watch for any occasion, check out the value products listed below.

Timex £33.98

This incredibly casual watch comes at an amazing low price. Of course, you get what you pay for as this watch features a clock face only, with no date or extra features. However it does come with a sturdy material strap that is available in a range of different colours to suit any outfit or style. So whether you want black to match any occasion or multiple colours so you can switch up your look this watch could be the one for you. The watch itself is decently sized with a large clear display, so checking the time hurriedly is easy and stress free. Add onto this that it is also water resistant and you can't really say no to their absolute bargain. With some good reviews it seems the watch doesn't disappoint in person either, with many saying it is good quality for the money you pay and is wearable every day. There seems to be however a general agreement that it has an unusually loud ticking noise. Find it on Amazon here.

Komono £59.89

With a small increase in price in comparison to the Timex, this Komono watch is so beautiful it can be used for both casual and formal wear. It too comes in several colours meaning you can choose the one that suits your style the best. The clock face even changes in the different colour selections so you are likely to find something you like, whether it is a dark strap and light face or you want both to be dark. Unlike the Timex the strap on this watch is leather and comes in black or a softer brown colour. The watch casing will also come in either matte or brushed metal depending on the colour combination you choose. The display in noticeable smaller than some watches as the numbers can be considered quite tiny, but for those who don't mind it is a great looking watch. The number 4 on the watch has been replaced with the company's brand name, this may also be a thing that comes down to personal taste and preference. But even with this substitute number the watch face is still clear and easy to read as the watch face is quite large. Customer reviews are mostly positive with many saying the watch is good quality, possibly looking even better than you would expect for its price tag. One of the only complaints was that the clock face was slightly larger than expected, but if this doesn't bother you it is a great addition to your collection. Find it on Amazon here.

Bulova £82.23

This Bulova watch is the most expensive on this list, but it is also the most sophisticated looking one of the three some would say. The numbers have been replaced with roman numerals within the clock faces clear display. This watch only comes in one colour but it is a sophisticated light coloured watch with a dark strap that you can proudly wear to any formal event. The watch strap is advertised as brown but does look more black in product photos, even so it still fits in effortlessly with all looks, even if you wanted to wear it for casual use. It has good reviews, stating that it is a slim watch that feels great to wear, the size is nice and the quality is a reflection of the slightly higher price you will be paying. The only complaint seemed to be that the hands on the watch were coloured a similar colour to the clock face, so in a rush it could be quite difficult to decipher the time without some level of concentration. Find this watch on Amazon here.

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