Cool pet accessories

Prevent your favourite pet from getting bored in the home while you're away or out and about. These toys are some of the best objects your pet could wish for, some of them even have benefits for you too!

Tennis ball launcher

Keep your dogs occupied with this awesome toy, it allows your dog to play fetch to their heart's content while you get to rest your arm. Whether you’re just too tired to keep throwing a ball, or are hindered by a bad shoulder this toy lets your dog continue playing their favourite game in any circumstance. Simply load up the tennis ball and shoot away, the large distances it will cover mean that your dog gets just as much exercise and that game stays just as fun for them.

Cat toy

Got a smaller pet in mind? Try this great moving cat toy to keep your feline companion happy. This affordable gadget features a butterfly that spins around on a wire to get your cats attention, turning a boring hour into an hour of excitement filled chasing and pouncing. Not only does it keep your kitten in good spirits it will also serve as some good exercise as they run and jump around. Appeal to your cat's playful nature by giving them something to chase when they can't be running around the home.

Pet peek

God a pet such as a dog that is commonly confined in the garden while you are away? Try the pet peek, its simple design allows your pet to have a sneak peak at the outside world through its clear plastic without them having to destroy your fence and possibly escape, becoming lost. It lets your dogs inquisitive nature run wild as they can see and visually interact with the world outside your garden, not to mention that it keeps them safe and out of trouble while you are away. Make your dog's day with this little window into the big wide world, plus you can say a quick hello if you happen to walk by yourself.

Cat climbing

Stop your cat from climbing all of the things they shouldn't by giving them their own designated climbing space. These wall fixtures come in the form of specially designed shelves and stairways that allow your cat to scale with wall without leaving a path of destruction behind them. Save the decorations on your real shelves from being knocked over and watch them enjoy their new perspective on your home. They can be installed at any height, meaning that if you wanted your cat could be free to roam at head height, perfect for those cat lovers that miss the attention of their kitten when they are busy and their furry friend is stuck on the floor away from them.

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