Barbecue food ideas

The traditional burger and hot dog barbecue can get pretty tired after a while. Taking a new spin on your classic outdoor get together meal could liven back up your taste buds as well as the atmosphere.

Fish with garlic butter and leaves

If you never have before, try cooking some fish on your barbecue, it won't take long and is easier than it sounds to do. Once done you can eat it as it is or serve it up to your guests with some garlic butter and garnish to add a little taste and aesthetic.

Chicken with spice into burgers

When your average piece of barbecued chicken just doesn't cut it anymore, try adding some spice or flavourings. Pick out a good sauce that will compliment it well and turn it into a spicy flavourful chicken burger that no one will be able to resist. Have extra garnishes on the side for people to add at will.

BBQ pork, sandwich

Take your barbecue pork to the next level with you add a little barbecue sauce. Whether you decide to serve the pork as it comes or try shredding it up offering it as a sandwich will make the process of eating it not only cleaner, but a lot tastier too. More extras can be added too to build to sandwich up to anyone's personal taste.

Sweet potato into jacket potato with yogurt

For those who don't eat meat most barbecues can be tough to eat at, but there are options to be had. Cooking some sweet potato in the form of jacket potatoes can cater to all your guests in one. Add some optional yogurt on the side to stop them from being dry and make them the perfect summer barbecue option for vegetarians.

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